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Festival 2023 Bulletin #9

Dear Paddlers,

Festival Go/No Go Date

August 23rd was the cut-off date to decide if we would still be able to go ahead with the festival or not (“Go” or “No Go”). It is our greatest pleasure to advise that it is “GO”, and we are well underway with preparations. For those who were holding off for this news before booking flights, now would be the perfect time to look at getting a good deal on a flight, and planning what else you may want to do when you get to New Zealand.

Covid Vaccines

Whilst it is still mandatory to declare that you have had a Covid vaccine to enter New Zealand (just as it is in many other countries), the government is continuing to assess this requirement. We are expected to go “green” in the next few weeks, which means that life will return to “normal” (pre-Covid days). Please keep an eye out on New Zealand Government's Covid19 website for any updates. We will advise if there is a major shift in the current policy.

Training Days

The organising committee has been receiving questions about dates for training. We published a full list of the events and dates when we launched the festival website (that has not changed).

Training dates for the festival are from Monday April 10th to Wednesday April 12th inclusive.

You can find this information here:

We appreciate that some teams may not be arriving until later in the week, but at this stage we do not have the capacity to add an extra day. The training times/locations of paddlers are linked to transport availability.


RevSport has been available since August 3rd and it is great to see so many registrations coming through. The team managers are busy supporting you all in getting your registrations done, and they are all doing an amazing job.

If you will be joining a composite team as an individual (or small group) and need to register on RevSport, please reach out to Andrew at:

We have template guides available to support your registration should you need them.

Remember: Registrations in RevSport close on SEPTEMBER 30th.

PFD’S/Life Jackets

There have been requests from teams and paddlers to wear their own semi-rigid devices that they are used to wearing and currently wear. Considering this, the Health & Safety Director has also recently reviewed the PFD policy, and as an outcome we have agreed that if you wish to bring these devices with you that you may, however these are used at your own risk. We will be providing the inflatable horseshoe style life jackets for general use at the festival. It is a requirement that all persons on the water must wear a PFD.

Organising Committee (OC) Emails

Thank you all for reaching out with your queries as they arise. We do request that you include your team’s name on the email after your name, so we can connect relevant information. It also helps us process requests and queries faster.

Festival Paddle Orders

Paddlers can also pre-order one of the beautifully designed Hornet adjustable handle paddles. If you missed the opportunity, and would like to pre-order, please login to the shop:

The Paddles are, from left to right: 1) Green Koru (front and back) 2) Purple Koru (front and back) 3) Mountain Mosaic (front and back)

Paddles up everyone

Nga mihi and Ma te Wa

Lake Karapiro, New Zealand
Lake Karapiro, New Zealand

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