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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

This is the news that we, and no doubt you, have all been waiting for and we are extremely excited to share this with you.

This week the New Zealand Government made the decision that the COVID protection framework will be discontinued as of midnight 12th of September 2022.

All restrictions with regards to the requirement for a Covid vaccine to enter New Zealand have now been lifted.

Not only have the Government lifted all the restrictions, but we are completely back to normal.

Noted below are relevant details from the announcement:

  • All government vaccine mandates will end on September 26th

  • Vaccine requirements to enter New Zealand will be removed

  • Mask wearing will only be required in healthcare and aged care settings.

For those of you who are traveling to New Zealand, this means you will no longer be required to provide proof of vaccination. We will no longer require your vaccine data to be registered in RevSport. For those who have not yet registered, you will see it still appears in the registration (we cannot remove this tab), but it can be ignored.

In addition to this we wish to remind you that the RevSport platform that is gathering all your data with regards to names, photos, ID information, dietary requirements, T-shirt sizes, etc etc closes on 30 September 2022. Andrew Watson is managing this platform and he is receiving a tonne of emails every day so please bear with him as he works his way through and helps you to have a seamless experience in terms of uploading your data. If you have not yet received your team login details, please contact Andrew at:

Orbit Groups & Events, our Travel Partner for the festival is delighted to advise that the Exclusive IBCPC Post Festival Tours of New Zealand will be available to book via the IBCPC link from Tuesday 21 September- please refer below:

The IBCPC Exclusive Experiences that include trips to Hobbiton, Rotorua, Waitomo and more will be available on the site in the coming two weeks - keep an eye on the website:

If you or your team has arranged Festival accommodation through Orbit they are in the process of finalising all booking allotments and emailing through 2nd deposit Invoices to team contacts. If you have not confirmed your team accommodation arrangements with Orbit please contact them:

In addition to the festival accommodation, NZ Touring and Exclusive Experiences, Orbit can also assist with your inbound flights as well as domestic New Zealand flights or travel, your Australia & South Pacific travel arrangements, this includes flights and land arrangements, while visiting our beautiful part of the World.

These changes and updates mark further important milestones as we continue working towards welcoming you all to New Zealand.

Ma te wa

The Organising Committee

New Zealand BCS 2023

Queenstown, New Zealand
Setting sun on the Remarkables in Queenstown, New Zealand (Photo Credit: Peter Luo on Unsplash)

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