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Festival 2023 Bulletin #7

Dear paddlers,

Festival registrations closed on 30 June with a great flurry of late registrants and supporters. It has been a case of all hands-on deck as we sort through the registrations.

It is exciting to see the number of people that have joined in the closing days of registration.

We have also had cancellations and have been collaborating with these teams to transfer the deposits paid across to another team.

These last-minute cancellations mean that we do have the capacity to take four more teams. If you are still debating and want to join the festival, please do so as we will leave the platform open for those last-minute registrations.

The next phase is the opening of the Revolutionise Sport (REV) platform which will open on 1 August. The contacts that we have as team managers or team contacts will be sent the details about the platform and how to enter the data. This platform will remain open for two months until 30 September. Please remember that this is where all the personal data is entered on behalf of each attendee, be they a paddler or supporter (paddling and non-paddling). Instructions will be sent out closer to the platform opening.

The balance of the registration fee is due by 31 August. We will be checking the payments made against the registrations and ensuring that the figures match. Upon request from you we will advise you of any balance due and would appreciate your return comments if any information needs to be changed. Once the REV platform closes, we will again reconcile all names and payments and advise if there are any discrepancies (names and payments).

We ask that when you make payments to the designated bank account that you reference your team’s name and your Unique Identifier (it is on the website), otherwise it is exceedingly difficult to reconcile the payment against your team.

Medical certificates/waivers

We are being asked for a template for these documents. The template will be sent to the team manager upon the opening of the REV platform. However, should you have an appointment with your medical professional before the 1st of August then this document can be downloaded from Documents & Policies on the festival website.

Life jacket/personal flotation device (PFD) policy

We are also being asked about the approved life jackets and personal flotation devises (PFD’s) that are acceptable in New Zealand.

Please find the link to the policy under Documents & Policies on the festival website.

Steer/Helm requirements

We have been asked about the requirements for a steer/helm in New Zealand. You will find this information under Documents & Policies on the festival website.

Exclusive and NZ Tour experiences

These experiences are currently being finalised for uploading and booking. In general, they will be 10, 11 and 12 April and facilitated through our travel partner, Orbit World Travel.

It is essential that you attend your training session on the allocated day. The training days will be determined by your accommodation location, but until all the information is in the Revolutionise Sport platform (closing 30 September) we cannot confirm your training day, so ask that you wait to confirm your Exclusive and NZ Tour bookings until you know which day you will be training.

Exclusive Experiences include:

  • Hobbiton

  • The Hamilton Gardens/Opera Evening

  • Red Barn – Farm experience

  • Te Puia

Our travel partners Orbit World Travel expect to have this information available on their website as follows:

The NZ Tours will be on the website in the next 2 weeks and available to book immediately.

The Exclusive Experiences within 4 weeks.

In the meantime, keep training and enjoying that wonderful camaraderie that comes from being a part of this crazy breast cancer dragon boat adventure that we are all on.

Paddles up

Nga mihi and Ma te Wa

Hobbiton Village
Hobbiton, Matamata, New Zealand

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