Unique Identifier Codes

IBCPC Participatory Dragon Boat Festival 

 IBCPC Teams as per August 18th 2020


Argentina (9)

ARG 1 Amazonas de Cordoba, Cordoba

ARG 11 Chicas Pink, Santa Fe City

ARG 3 Dragones Rosas La Plata, La Plata

ARG 12 Nahuel Rosa, San Carlos de Bariloche

ARG 5 Remeras Rosas Del Plata, Buenos Aires

ARG 13 Rosa Fenix, Patagonia

ARG 7 Rosas Del Limay, Neuquen, Patagonia

ARG 14 PodeRosa, Rio Negro y Neuquen

ARG 9 Rosas Del Plata Tigre, Buenos Aires


Australia (38)

AUST 1 Adelaide Survivors Abreast Dragon Boat Club, Port Adelaide

AUST 127 Aussie Dragonflies, Port Macquarie, NSW

AUST 114 Aussie Rainbow Dragonflies (formerly Dragons Abreast Byron Bay, Lennox Head, NSW

AUST 5 Amazons Perth Dragon Boat Club, Perth, WA

AUST 111 Brave Hearts on the Murray , Vic

AUST 3 Dragons Abreast Act & Region Canberra, ACT

AUST 112 Dragons Abreast Adelaide, Port Adelaide, South Australia

AUST 113 Dragons Abreast Ballarat, Vic

AUST 7 Dragons Abreast Bendigo, Vic

AUST 9 Dragons Abreast Bribie Island, Qld

AUST 115 Dragons Abreast Brisbane, Qld

AUST 11 Dragons Abreast Central Coast, NSW

AUST 116 Dragons Abreast Coffs Coast, NSW

AUST 13 Dragons Abreast Crewsaders, Bunbury, WA

AUST 117 Dragons Abreast Geelong, Vic

AUST 15Dragons Abreast Gippstand Waratahs, Vic

AUST 118 Dragons Abreast Gold Coast, Qld

AUST 17 Dragons Abreast Tasmania, Hobart, Tas

AUST 119 Dragons Abreast, Devonport- need app

AUST 19 Dragons Abreast Illawarra, NSW

AUST 120 Dragons Abreast Launceston, - TAS

AUST 21 Dragons Abreast, MacKay, Mackay, Qld

AUST 121 Dragons Abreast Melbourne (Dam Busters), Vic

AUST 23 Dragons Abreast Newcastle Hunter, NSW

AUST 122 Dragons Abreast Orange, Orange NSW

AUST 25 The Pink Jugs (formerly Dragons Abreast Patterson Lakes Pink Lotus), Vic

AUST 123 Dragons Abreast Mt. Warning, Murwillumbah, NSW   

AUST 27 Dragons Abreast Peninsula Dragonflys, Vic

AUST 124 Dragons Abreast Penrith, NSW

AUST 29 Dragons Abreast Port Lincoln, SA

AUST 125 Dragons Abreast Redcliffe, Qld

AUST 31 Dragons Abreast Wagga Wagga, NSW

AUST 126 Dragons Abreast Sydney, NSW                              

AUST 33 Dragons Abreast Townsville, Qld

AUST 35 Pittwater Pinks, NSW  

AUST 128 South Australia Dragons Abreast,  (SADA) Westlakes, South Australia

AUST 37 Sunshine Coast Pink Sea Serpents, Qld

AUST 129 Titivators, Coffs Coast, NSW


Australian Composite teams (10)

AUSTC 00 Coastal Breast Friends

AUSTC 02 DAM Oarsome Gippytahs

AUSTC 1 Dragons Abreast Inspiration

AUSTC 3 Dragons Abreast Hope

AUSTC 5 Dragons Abreast Spirit

AUSTC 7 Missabittatitti Black

AUSTC 9 Missabittatitti Pink

AUSTS 11Missabittatitti Pink Connections

AUSTC 13 Victorian C Dragons

AUSTC 15 Victorian Water Dragons



Austria (1)

AUS 1 Vienna Pink Dragons International, Vienna


Belgium (2)

BEL 1 Pink Ribbonettes, Turnout

BEL 2 Pink Ribbonettes Brussels


Brazil (7)

BRA 1 Canoha Dragon Team Curtiba, Curtiba

BRA 11 Canomama Dragon Boat Team – City of Brazilia,

BRA 3 Lisa Flor, Macelo

BRA 12 Remama Dragao Rosa, Sao Paulo,

BRA 5 Uma Uma, Sao Paulo

BRA 13 Mama Rosa- RFCC, Alagoas

BRA 7 Nina Rosa, Santos


Canada (56)


CAN 1 A Breast or Knot, Windsor, Ont

CAN 101 Abreast In A Boat, Vancouver, BC

CAN 3 Abreast of Life, Central Vancouver Island, BC

CAN 102 Angels Abreast, Nanaimo, BC

CAN 5 Avalon Dragons, St. John’s, Newfoundland

CAN 103 Bosom Buddies of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia

CAN 7 Bouyant Buddies, Vernon, BC

CAN 104 Breasts Ahoy, St. John, NB

CAN 9 Breast Friends, Edmonton, Alta

CAN 105 Breast Strokes, Guelph, Ont

CAN 11 Bust ‘N Loose, Kelowna, BC

CAN 106 Busting Out, Ottawa, Ont

CAN 13 Busting With Energy, Saskatoon, Sask

CAN 107 Cape Breastoners, Nova Scotia

CAN 15 Chemo Savvy, Winnipeg, Manitoba

CAN 108 Canadians Abreast, Bethany Ontario

CAN 17 Chestmates, Kingston, Ontario

CAN 109 Dragon Divas, Cowichan, BC

CAN 19 Dragon Flies, Lindsay, Ont

CAN 110 Dragon Flyers, Wellington, Ont

CAN 21 Dragon Tamers, Kenora, Ont

CAN 111 Dragons Abreast, Toronto, Ont

CAN 23 Dragons of Hope, Thunder Bay, Ont

CAN 112 Forza Rosa Canada, Gibsons, BC

CAN 25 Hope Floats, St. Catharines, Ont

CAN 113 Hope Afloat, Comox, BC

CAN 27 Island Breaststrokers, Victoria, BC

CAN 114 Knot Abreast, Hamilton, Ont

CAN 29 Kootenay Robusters, Rossland, BC

CAN 115 Les Phenix de la Rose des vents, Sherbrooke, Que

CAN 31 NorthBreast Passage, Prince George, BC

CAN 116 North Shore Dragon Busters, North Vancouver, BC

CAN 33 Pink Crusaders, Toronto, Ont

CAN 117 Pink Piston Paddlers, Shuswap Lake, BC

CAN 35 Pink Sensations, Pickering, Ont

CAN 118 Prior Chestnuts, Arnprior, Ont 

CAN 37 Ribbons of Hope, Barrie, Ont

CAN 119 Rowbust, London, Ont

CAN 39 Seincr’eau Dragon Boat Team, Montreal, Que

CAN 120 Sistership, Calgary, AB

CAN 41 Spirit Abreast, Chilliwack, BC

CAN 121 Spirit Warriors, Kamloops, BC

CAN 43 Sunshine Dragons Abreast, Sunshine Coast, BC

CAN 122 Survivor Thrivers, Cobourg, Ont

CAN 45 Survivors Abreast, Peterborough,Ont

CAN 123 Survivorship Penticton, BC

CAN 47 The Breast Buddies, Powrli, Ont

CAN 124 ‘tit Bateau, Moncton, NB

CAN 49 Two Abreast/ Cote a Cote, Montreal, Que

CAN 125 Vis A Vie, Quebec, Que

CAN 51 Warriors of Hope, North Bay, Ont

CAN 126 Waves of Hope, Brandon, Man

CAN 53 West Island Dragons, Pointe Claire, Que

CAN 127 Women Alike Abreast a River, NS

CAN 55 Wonder Broads, Windsor, Ont

CAN 128 Wonder Woman’s Warriors, Ont


Composite teams Canada (5)

CANC 1 Breast Friends Too

CANC 3 Rowbust Breast Buddies

CANC 5 Busting with Hope

CANC 7 Breast Friends Hope

CANC 9 Breast Friends Courage



Chile (2)

CHI 10 Fortale-Senos, Santiago

CHI 20 Fortale-Senos Araucania, Cautin


China (2)

CNA 1 China Beijing Dragon Sisters, Beijing

CNA 3 China Shanghai Dragon Sisters, Shanghai


Colombia (2)

COL 10 Dragon Boat Colombia, Cartegena de Indias

COL 20 Dragon Boat, Bogota, Bogota


Denmark (1)

DEN 1 Copenhagen Dragon Boat Team, Copenhagen


Fiji (1)

FIJ 1 Fiji ‘D’ Dragons



France (4)

FRA 1 Dragon Ladies de Reims, Reims

FRA 11 Dragonnettes Toulousaines, Muret, Haute-Garonne

FRA 3 Droles de Rames, Annecy-le-Vieux

FRA 12 CDB Team, Caudry, Nord


Germany (4)

GER 1 Ladybugs, Lunen, NR

GER 11 Pink Dragonistas, Hanover

GER 3 Pink Ladies,Weisbaden-Schierstein.

GER 12 Pink Patrol, Bochum



Hong Kong (2)

HK 1 Dragons Abreast Hong Kong

HK 2 Pink Power Hong Kong,



Ireland (5)


IRE 1 Nore Dragon Paddlers – KACC, Kilkenny

IRE 11 Plurabelle Paddlers, Sandymount, Dublin

IRE 3 3 Sisters, Dublin (previously Suir Dragon Paddlers)

IRE 12 CWaterford Dragon Warriors, Waterford

IRE 5 Wild Atlantic Warriors, Cork


Israel (4)

IRS 1 Pink Lionesses

IRS 11 Pink Lionesses, Tel Aviv

IRS 3 Pink Lionesses, Sea of Gallilee, Shaar Efraim

IRS 13 Pink Haifa Lions, Haifa



Italy (18)


ITA 1 Astro Dragon Ladies, Empoli

ITA 111 Donna Piu’ Lilt Latina, Latina

ITA 3 Dragonesse Avigliana,

ITA 112 Dragon Light Marton Bari, Bari

ITA 5 Dragonette Torino Dragon Boat Team, Torino

ITA 113 Dragonflies by Orlanda Cappelli, Rome

ITA 7 Drago Rosa Burida, Portenone, Italy

ITA 114 Etna Dragon Ladies, Mascalucia

ITA 9 Florence Dragon Lady, Florence

ITA 115 Forzarosa Donna, 2000, Venice

ITA 11 U.G.O. Unite Gareggiamo Ovunque, Padova

ITA 116 Ilrosacheosa Onlus, Rome

ITA 13 Trifoglio Rosa, Venice

ITA 117 Karalis Pink Team, Cagliari

ITA 15 Mutina Pink Dragons, Campogalliano

ITA 118 Pink Amazons, Milan

ITA 17 Pink Butterfly, Rome

ITA 119 Pink Lioness, Venice


Malaysia (1)

MYA 1 Pink Challengers


New Zealand (10)


NZ 1 Abreast of Life, Christchurch

NZ 2 Bay Bosom Buddies

NZ 11 Boobops, Te Puke

NZ 3 Busting With Life, Auckland

NZ 12 Can Survive, Wellington

NZ 5 Can Thrive, Wellington

NZ 13 Pink Dragons, Auckland

NZ 7 Simply the Breast, Marlborough

NZ 14 Taranaki Dragons, New Plymouth

NZ 9 Waikato Treasure Chests


NZ Composite teams (1)

NZC15 KiwiRoos


Panama (1)

PAN 1 Pink Warriors


Philippines (1)

PHIL 1 Cebu Pink Paddlers




Qatar (1)

QA1 Doha Wireless Warriors, Doha


Romania (1)

ROM 1 Imunis Dragons Romania


Singapore (1)


SING 1 Paddlers in the Pink, Singapore


South Africa (1)


SA 1 AmaBele Belles 


Spain (3)


ESP 1 Asociacion Espanola Dragonboat, San Pedro Del Pinatar, Murcia

ESP 11 C.D.E. Estelas Rosas BCS, Matamorosa, Cantabria

ESP 3 Flamenco Rosa Dragon Boat Association, San Pedro del Pinatar, Murcia


Sweden (1)

SWE 1 Pink Dragon Ladies, Malmo


Taiwan (1)

ROC 1 Hsin Huai Dragon Boat Tem, Taipei City, Taiwan, Republic of China


United Arab Emirates (1)

Abu Dhabi

UAE 1 Abu Dhabi Jets





United Kingdom (9)


UK 1 Lagan Dragons, Belfast, N. Ireland

UK 11 Paddlers for Life, Port Edgar Dragons, South Queensferry, Scotland

UK 3 Dragon Boats on Loch Ken, Scotland SW, Scotland

UK 12 Paddlers for Life Wigan Water Dragons, Lancashire, England

UK 5 Paddlers for Life Manchester, Manchester, England

UK 13 Paddlers for Life, Windermere, England

UK 7 Pink Champagne, Bournemouth, England 

UK 14 Pool of Life, Liverpool, England

UK 9 Worcester Busters, Birmingham, England


UK composite teams (1)

UKC 1 Pink ‘n’ Mix Paddlers




United States (60)

USA1 Against the Wind, Philadelphia, PA

USA 111 All Hands Abreast, Houston, TX

USA 3 Annapolis Dragon Boat Foundation, Baltimore and Annapolis, MD

USA 112 Bay State Connection Dragons, Westfield, MA

USA 5 Breast of Friends, /Dubuque, IA

USA 113 The Breast of Texas, Grapevine, TX

USA 7 Broward Fierce Fighters SOS, Miami, FL

USA 114 Catch-22, Woodland, WA

USA 9 Central Coast Survive Oars, Morro Bay, CA

USA 115 Dallas United Pink, Dallas, TX

USA 11 Derby City Dragons, Louisville, KY

USA 116 Dragon Boat Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

USA 13 Dragon Divas, Shoreview, MN

USA 117 Dragonheart Vermont, Burlington, VT

USA 15 Dragon Dream Team, Akron, OH

USA 118 Dragon Sisters Pink, The Villages, FL

USA 17 Empire Dragons, New York, NY

USA 119 Fighting Angels Abreast, Fort Dodge, IA

USA 19 Go Pink! Washington, DC

USA 120 Healing Dragons, Charlotte, NC- (mixed cancer)

USA 21 Hearts of Steel, Pittsburgh, PA

USA 121 Heart and Soul, Satellite Beach, FL

USA 22 Hell Gate Sea Dragons, Jensen Beach, FL

USA 23 Hope Chest Dragon Boat Team, Getzville, NY

USA 122 Hope in the Boat, Voorheesville, NY

USA 25 Hope Afloat, USA, Huntington Valley, PA

USA 123 Indy Survive Oars, Indianapolis, IN

USA 27 Life is Bliss Dragon Boat Team, Story City, IA

USA 124 Jax Pink Fire Dragons, Jacksonville, FL

USA 29 KC Pink Warriors, Lansing, KS

USA 125 Kentucky Thoroughbreasts, Highland Heights, KY

USA 31 LaCrosse Misssippi Sisters, LaCrosse, WI

USA 126 Lake James Healing Dragons, Morganton, NC

USA 33 Lighthouse Dragons SOS, Palm Beach FL

USA 127 Los Angeles Pink Dragons (LAPD), Los Angeles, CA

USA 35 LV Warriors on Water, Henderson, NV

USA 128 Machestic Dragons, Hamilton Square, NJ

USA 37 Making Waves, Rochester, MN

USA 129 Mammoglams Dragon Boat Team, Jacksonville, FL

USA 39 Mana’olana Pink Paddlers, Maui, Hawaii,

USA 130 Missin’ Mammaries, Punta Gorda, FL

USA 41 Motor City Dragons, Detroit, MI

USA 131 Paddles and Pearls of Dragon Boat Charleston, SC

USA 43 Paddlers with a Purpose, Austin, TX

USA 132 Pathway Team SOS NJ Summit, NJ

USA 45 Phoenix Desert Dragons, Phoenix, AZ

USA 133 Pink Dragon Ladies, Tampa, FL

USA 47 Pink Paddlers, Las Vegas, NV

USA 134 Pink Paddling Power, Racine, WI

USA 49 Pink Phoenix, Portland, OR

USA 135 Pink Phurree, Houston, TX

USA 51 Pink Steel, Pittsburgh, PA

USA 136 Prairie Dragon Paddlers, Savoy, Il

USA 53 River Sisters, Voorhees, NJ

USA 137 Save Our Sisters, Miami, FL

USA 55 Silver Lining Montana, MT

USA 158 Survivors in Sync, Sarasota, FL

USA 57 Team Survivor, San Diego Sea Dragons, San Diego, CA

USA 139 Warriors on Water, Orlando, FL-

USA 59 Wellness Snapdragons, Bethesda, MD


USA Composite teams (4)


USAC 3 Tampa Pink Hope

USAC 5 Pink Phoenix Oregon

USAC 7  RiverWinds




Total teams –249 paddling teams from 31 countries + 20 composite