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Festival 2023 Bulletin #2

Dear paddlers,


We have been closely watching the situation across the globe in terms of countries that are still severely impacted by Covid. The conditions are so varying that we felt it was necessary to give you some updates with regards to the festival registration date closure and final payment dates. We appreciate that many of you are only just returning to the water now and have not had time to fully gather your teams or to fundraise, therefore the new dates are:

REGISTRATION CLOSES: 28th February 2022

FINAL PAYMENT DUE: 31st May 2022

Travel restrictions:

We have also had some inquiries with regards to what the regulations will be in terms of coming into New Zealand and whether you have had a Covid vaccine or not. As of today, the NZ government has not issued any regulations or stipulations with regards to entry to the country and the need for vaccination. The border is currently still closed with restrictions for those traveling to NZ in place at the border, but that may change towards the end of this year as more and more vaccines are rolled out. We will update you further when we have an indication of what this may look like, and what if any, the requirements may be.

Medical certificates:

We will not be issuing these forms for completion until well into 2022 as again we are not aware yet what the government requirements will be and how this will link to the need for proof of diagnosis and fitness to paddle.

Travel offerings - IMPORTANT:

We are aware that there are several travel companies offering packages to potential attendee teams. These offers have been solicited via email.

We need to make it very clear that we have no affiliation whatsoever with any of these companies, the only travel coordinator that we are associated with is Orbit World Travel. Orbit has booked out the accommodation packages in Cambridge and Hamilton. They also have large bookings in place in Tauranga and Rotorua and they can also organise your transfers from Auckland Airport to your final accommodation destination, this transfer would, of course, be at your own cost.

There are companies who are using our logo taken off our website, without our permission. We wish to make it clear that this has not been approved. Please be very aware when you are dealing with, or booking with any of these companies that they do not have our approval or permission to use our logo and are not associated with us.

We have also seen that there are websites offering travel packages that include transport transfers to and from the lake for training, racing, and to and from accommodation for other parts of the festival. Again, please be aware that these transport costs are already included in the cost of your registration package, please do not pay an additional cost for transport transfers in the event week.

The transport is available from the event affiliated accommodation. If you book outside of the event accommodation then you can still access the transport by simply making your way to a central “pick up” point.

Stay safe and take care.

Ngā mihi nui,

IBCPC Steering Committee

2023 Festival Organising Committee

Orbit Groups & Travel Auckland

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